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We support servers, desktop computers and laptops and can offer solutions for disaster recovery and backups, cloud services such as Microsoft’s Office 365 and server virtualisation


Server Solutions

Many of our solutions are built around Microsoft servers and often in conjunction with Office 365 or another hosted email provider.

As Microsoft accredited Small Business Specialists we are ideally positioned to install and support all versions of your Windows Server environment.

We are also members of Microsoft’s Cloud Essentials program so can offer advice on and manage your Office 365 subscriptions for Microsoft Cloud services.

Desktop Solutions

We can work with all versions of Microsoft Windows ranging from Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well as all of the Microsoft Office applications.


We can provide a wide range of hardware ranging from high end servers to memory sticks. We don’t favour any particular vendor and will always make recommendations based on our experience, your requirements and your budget.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We are meticulous about data backups which surprisingly are commonly overlooked. Have you considered what would you do if your server was stolen or all of your files were deleted accidentally or maliciously? Have you ever tested a disaster recovery scenario?

We offer a wide range of backup solutions including on-site backup to disk, data replication to a remote Networked Attached Storage device (NAS), hosted backups over the Internet to the Cloud as well as full image backups. We can undertake an audit of your existing backup strategy to verify its effectiveness, highlight any weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement. For our contracted customers we also carry out a full server recovery from backup twice yearly for peace of mind.


Server virtualisation is a proven technology that provides the ability to run multiple computers on a single physical computer. Traditionally each server role such as e-mail server, file server and web server would all run on separate physical computers whereas in a “Virtual” environment they would run on a single “physical” server. Making use of server virtualisation technology will result in reduced hardware (server) costs, reduced space, power and cooling requirements, reduced administration costs and greatly simplified Disaster Recover procedures. A virtualised environment is also highly scalable in that a new virtual server can be deployed very quickly and without the need for new hardware. We can safely and reliably migrate your workload from existing physical servers to a virtual environment enabling you to take advantage of these great benefits.

We have been working with VMWare virtualisation products since 2004 and also work with Microsoft’s Hyper-V that now comes at no cost with Windows Server. This can provide instant failover to another server to take over within seconds if the primary server fails.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services are hosted systems accessed via the internet, they are typically subscription based solutions that scale easily as your business grows and allow you to get the latest Enterprise level solutions for a low initial cost and a fixed monthly or annual subscription.

We partner with Microsoft to give you the best solution for your requirements.

Please visit our Office 365 page for much more information.

Areas We Cover

Cheltenham IT Solutions provides IT support and IT services in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury, the Forest of Dean and around Gloucestershire.

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